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The Featured Writer section is updated monthly to reflect who wrote the most recent story on the blog's homepage. The goal is to provide you with a little more background on the person who's work you read, hopefully giving you more insight into their given perspective on the issue.

We hope this will act as valuable training in approaching other mediums as well. Never take anything you read for granted. Looking into who wrote or directed a specific book or movie is extremely important in becoming a responsible consumer of information.

Editors note: This blog was created for everyone, but mainly to provide an outlet for Muslim youth to get their voices heard. For that reason, it is run entirely by Muslim youth. While we do our best to make sure our work is up to the highest standards possible, we do not claim to be scholars on any given issue. Please forgive us for any shortcomings.


The current blog post, "Everyone Has A Story: How Ungrateful Was I!", was written by:

Name: Mohammad Ali Ismail
School: University of South Florida
Major: Microbiology and Pre-med
Desired Profession: Physician
A little more about him: "My deen comes first to me before anything, no matter what. I'm a huge sports fan (GO MAIMI HEAT!). I'm not that typical aspiring Med student who wants to become a doctor solely for the money. I want be able to provide free medical care whether it be basic or even some major surgeries to people around the world who either can't afford it. It saddens me to see the state of the world today and know that I am unable to help so I want use this as an outlet to inspire people with hope. Everyone has their own path to how they are destined to have their impact on the world, I believe this is mine. I want to make sure I make full use of it so I can say at the end of the day that my life was meaningful and that I made full use of the time I had here. Hasan Al-Basree said it best:"Do not sit Idle, for indeed death is seeking you"."

The previous blog story, So I could get good deeds...By Eating A Salad, was written by:

Name: Nadine Abu-Jubara
Alma Mater: University of Central Florida
Profession: Civil Engineer
Passion: Health and Fitness
A little more about her: "I think we are all at a point where there needs to be a drastic change for the better in the world. We need a huge wave of a movement to help us shift gears and improve the situation of life. I’m all about helping my Muslim ummah in anyway I can and making it enjoyable! My profession on weekdays is where I have my business face on, and my evenings and weekends is where the true me comes out, Zumba instructor and all. My aim is to help transform every woman in our ummah’s lives, one calorie at a time. Having been 65 lbs overweight at one point, I know how hard it can be to get fit, but it can be done, I’m living proof, and I’m here to show you and help you :)

The previous blog story, JUST DO IT! (...I think Nike might have been onto something), was written by:

Name: Ashkaar Qazi
School: University of South Florida
Major: Biomedical Science
Desired Profession: Haha! Let’s just say I need everyone’s Duas to do what I want to do. So please make Dua that I’m successful in my goal.
A little more about him: "Salams everybody! Well, I try to do everything with the intention of pleasing Allah Insha’Allah. I’m an eldest brother of three younger brothers, which has really shaped the kind of person I am as far as being very aware of the fact that everything we do is being watched by someone and so we should strive always to be the best role models. I would say I’m a very deep, analytical, and thinking kind of person. Wrestling, MMA, and combat sports in general are some of the biggest aspects of my life that have shaped a lot of who I am. Some say I am a walking book of quotes/inspiration/motivation. I strive to represent Islam in the best light possible and am very concerned with being a good role model- Insha’Allah Allah blesses me with success in it. There’s obviously a lot more to me than these couple words. I like to think that a quote that describes me well is, “Still water runs deep.” And I’m sure that everyone will get more of a taste of who I am through my rants which I have many of. Enjoy the blog! And please keep everyone involved in your Duas [including me J]."

The previous blog story, Going Green For The Deen (...Oh, And For Yourself Too), was written by:

Name: Nora Zaki
School: University of Florida
Major: Political Science and International Relations
Desired Profession: International Correspondent
A little about her: "I'm just a girl trying to do good in this world. I am tolerant and open to beliefs. I am half Egyptian from my father's side. My mother's side is Irish, German, Czechslovakian and a little Native American. I've got diversity in my soul! Know who you are in this life, or else you'll be just be wondering aimlessly. Don't care what other people think. Be patient. If you are patient, God will reward you. Never let go of family; they're all you got in this short life. Always pray-pray whenever,wherever and for whoever. Be a loving and caring person. Show respect. I strive, with God's help, to be honest, reliable, thoughtful, studious and am trying hard to be patient. Most importantly, I am Muslim and I love my religion."

The previous blog story, Verily Allah (God) Never Changes The Condition of A People Until They Change Themselves, was written by:

Name: Sarah Kassem
School: University of Florida
Major: Telecommunications and Political Science
Desired Profession: Lawyer practicing Journalism
A little more about her: "I'm just a crazy journalist trying to make the world a better place. I love the beach, caffeine, and spontaneous adventures. My family and friends are the most important thing to me, besides my deen. Each moment is a precious gift, and it's my daily goal to never live the same day twice. Part of me deep down knows that I have some mission to fulfill, a mission that I am slowly piecing together. What I sincerely hope and pray is that purpose involves helping those who are poor, weak and oppressed. I want to be more than a name or a face in the crowd. I want to leave my mark imprinted in society forever, to make sure that I made my life a life worth living. InshaAllah."

The previous blog story, To Make An International Impact, Look No Further Than Your Own Backyard, was written by:

Name: Adeeba "DeDe" Khan
School: University of South Florida
Major: Biochemistry, Philosophy
Desired Profession: Um....I have too many ambitions.
A little more about her: "I have been too blessed in life by Allah (swt). I now spend my life trying figure out what to do with all my blessings. For now, my goals have manifested themselves in pursuing an education, and a career in medicine (insha Allah). I am also an aspiring slam poet/writer. I eventually hope to distribute my blessings to other, less fortunate parts of the world. If you can, please do the same. After all, blessings come in many forms.